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My experience of Dancing with Zentai Suits
Autor Wiadomość

Wiek: 27
Dołączyła: 17 Maj 2012
Posty: 454
Wysłany: 2013-05-28, 07:16   My experience of Dancing with Zentai Suits

I was a sweet and beautiful little girl when I was a child, although I was a little bit "above the standard weight". However, as I grow up, I become a big lover of books and libraries. When I spent most of my time sitting there, reading and writing, I have seen a lot of beautiful stories and legends, superman fancy dress costume and come with that, a lot of extra fat. When I realized that if I lose 40 pounds I would be much prettier, I was already out from university, and no handsome boyfriend besides me.

I decided to take action! The first thing is to join a gym class after work, but I got tired and lazy after one week. I can't find the feeling, and the strong desire, to do the exercises. I tried other sports, Multicolor body Suits but failed for this or that. After a while, I even got a little bit more pounds because of the irregular life. Then a friend of mine, a dance lover, joined a class for beginners, and she invited me to have a try together with her.

For first class, I was too busy to change clothes after work, and she lent me a tight-binding jumper, and told me it's a zentai suit. Because of the high elasticity, wearing that makes me look a little bit thinner in the mirror. The dance class was going great. PVC bodysuit And I see some others wearing this kind of clothes too. I feel I become lighter in this jumper.

Later I searched online for the shops, and secretly ordered a couple black zentai suits tailored by lycra material. Lycra is good for skin breath and soft. Most of all, the cloth material is a little bit thick, Iron man Clothing and because of the high elasticity, wearing it and moving becomes much easier. Black color also makes me look thinner, and not so obvious in a group, giving me a shelter for my little heart in the dance. The first time I really feel my body is dancing lightly with my spirit.

Dołączył: 14 Mar 2013
Posty: 187
Wysłany: 2013-06-04, 07:05   

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